Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Still Thanksgiving Here....Even Though There's No Turkey :)

Been a long time boys & girls!  I have so much to chat about and not enough hours in the day. So I'll start off with my belated New Year's Resolutions. I've really never been one to bother with something that seems doomed to failure right from the get-go though. And it seems to me that most New Years Resolutions go that way quickly. But this year there is something that I am determined to make a habit of. It feels very important to me. The time has come.

I'm pretty much convinced that the basis for happiness is in living in a state of gratitude. The more one is able to express gratitude, the better life becomes. What flows out from you, flows back to you in even greater quantity. I have been watching this in action. I have a "friend", someone I know online only, who inspires me in many ways. One of things I observe is that she is almost constantly expressing gratitude for all things in her life. Big things, little things, unusual things, ordinary things; nothing is left unnoticed. And this is an ongoing, daily expression. I'll admit that at first I actually found it somewhat off-putting. It seemed contrived to me, I think because I wasn't used to hearing anyone go on and on about even the most mundane things being thought of as blessings. But what I noticed is how many amazing things seem to happen to this woman. No matter what might go wrong for her (and yes, bad things do happen to her), there is always something fantastic that comes out of it. And all the cool stuff that she gets to do all the time. And then there's all the cool people she meets all the time. And did I mention the cool trips she always seems to luck into? The amazing deals she falls into? All the right doors magically pop open at just the right time.  That's the way life is for her. All. The. Freaking. Time. I guess I could be jealous. But how stupid would that be? Why not put into practice what she does? I know from my own experience that having the right attitude does go a long way to smoothing out life's rougher patches. I think it's just time to take it to a higher level.

To help me in getting into the habit of expressing gratitude I will be using this nifty website where you keep your own thankfulness journal. It will remind you if 24 hours go by without you posting. And your thanks are added to the public list that runs continually (unless you choose to keep yours private). So you can also read what others are thankful for. I just started and I'm loving it already. Seeing all the things that other people mention is interesting and inspiring. And I think there's something to putting your gratitude out there for others to hear that "amplifies" it's effect. Sort of like a wave being sent out which builds strength as it combines with the force of other waves.

The website is:   My user name there is cherryontop.

And here is a quote I got from the website.

Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel.

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