Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feeling Kind of Random

Today I am cheating and taking the easy way out. I have lots of things swirling around in my head and not enough patience to fully commit to any of them. It's probably not the healthiest approach I admit. Or maybe it really doesn't even matter. Either way, it is what it is. So for today, there is going to be no real focus to what I write. Or any fleshing out of thoughts. So in no particular order:

1. I'm getting tired of death. The past month has been one death after another. Some closer to home than others. But, all taking their toll. Yup, I know it's a natural progression and we are all on our way to that place. But I think what makes it bearable for those of us left behind is that it usually is spread out somewhat. I am now formally petitioning the universe to take it someplace else for a bit; away from me & my loved ones.

2.  If I lived in the south I would probably weigh about 500 pounds. How I made it home from our road trip without gaining any weight is beyond me. I indulged in most every single thing I was tempted by. And it was all DIVINE!

3.  Karin & I really DO have an amazing relationship. I am reminded of this all the time. We are a true team effort. My weaknesses are her strengths and vice versa. We genuinely enjoy each others company and even when we do start to get into it one of us ends up laughing at something and then we both end up laughing. If only we could all end fights that way!

4.  Have come to the conclusion that some people don't really want world peace. For whatever reason it is more important to them to be able to remain separated from the "others". They would even rather NOT help others gain the understanding that would change their way of seeing us! They seem to prefer barriers and conflict. This is something I don't understand. I have to tell myself that this is just their role to play in life and to accept that. Otherwise I will drive myself nuts in trying to comprehend that kind of thinking.

5.  Another observation on some people. Some people are so afraid of change that they would rather put "God" into a box that even God himself/herself/whatever can't escape from. Because if they allowed themselves to consider that what they believe about God might be incorrect then that fact would require them to have to change how they act/treat others/see the world. And that would just be TOO MUCH. I've changed my own mind about God/life/Universe many times. I figure it's a journey. I no longer expect to know all there is to know. But most people.....seem so.... STUCK. These people frustrate me. There I go being impatient; something to work on.    :)

6.  A coworker was asking us in the break room the other day, "what do you look at first in someone" (referring to a physical thing).  When she asked me I answered "eyes". And that probably is the most specific thing I am drawn to. But honestly the truest answer for me is that I look for something that sets that person apart; something really interesting. I sometimes find that perfectly beautiful people, as in model-beautiful, are kind of boring. I see them, note that yes they are beautiful, and then my eyes wander around looking for something that stands out enough to intrigue me. I hate that people are having cosmetic surgery in larger numbers to perfect their imperfect faces. Those imperfections are what help you to stand out from the rest! I get wanting to fix something really drastic that makes it impossible to lead a normal life. But that's not what I'm talking about.

7.  I love to read. And I love getting recommendations for others on books to read! I've been reading books I learned about from others since last summer. I've loved most everything. But I'm almost at the end of my reading list. So I'd like to invite you to send me more ideas. I mostly read nonfiction, inspirational-type things. But I strive to keep my reading a mix of fiction/nonfiction. The fiction helps keep me from being in my head TOO much! If it's fiction it needs to tell a great story or be very intelligently written. No fluff! And no cheesy romance.   :)  I loved Oryx & Crake, Water for Elephants and The Help for fiction. Three Cups of Tea was some amazing nonfiction!

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  1. #5..last quarter my son took a class at college that dealt with the Bible and all of those mis-beliefs that we have grown up with. They stripped everything away and went back to the actual Bible, not study guides, not books about the Bible, but the Bible. He said it was VERY cool to see the things that he had assumed thruout his life were in the Bible, but actually weren't. He said it was an amazing class..I wish more could take something like that, I think it would open a lot of eyes and reverse a lot of misperceptions!