Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stuck Somewhere Between Sick & Well

I've been having a mini-meltdown today. I don't do sick well. Especially when I do feel well enough to have the desire to be out and about, but know that what I need most is to stay home and rest. Bronchitis sucks. It just draaaags on and on. I'm breathing well over all. It's just that damn cough is still hanging around making it difficult to do anything that takes any serious lung power. Like laugh. And sing. And exercise. And work. And get out and run errands. Life in other words. I feel so......stuck.

I'm two weeks into this now. It can take up to four weeks. And it stinks knowing that I most likely made things worse for myself by going for a hike less than a week into things when I mistakenly thought I was ALL BETTER! What folly that was. I'm trying really hard to do all the right things now(stay hydrated, thin mucus with both Mucinex & herbs, rest). It could be much worse and I am grateful that it's not. I don't need any help from steroids. I can breath fine on my own. So long as I keep things calm & quiet anyway. But what I really want to do is ROAR a little dammit!


  1. Pei pa koa is pretty decent cough medicine (from herbal as I remembered), great non alcoholic medicine, some western cough medicine are more effective, but this is non drowsy.

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  2. Thank you! Have found it online & will order some if I can't find it locally. Got great user reviews.

  3. Well, hello Brenda!! I'm glad you honored me with your blog link. I gotta say, I was nerrrrvous when it made me click on the ADULT CONTENT warning. I mean, I was picturing nekked girls swinging from chandeliers, and here you are just a normal person feeling sick! HA!! Yes, my mind usually lives in the gutter ;)

  4. Poor Nellie...hope you weren't disappointed! hahahaha Ya know....I actually forgot I had that "adult content" thing in place. I think in the beginning I thought I might eventually be delving into some "sordid" stuff from my "past". But it hasn't come to fruition as yet. And may never. Or maybe it will. Who knows??? But if it does.....don't say you weren't warned! :-0

  5. I'm back just to see if anything sordid popped up on your blog. Nope. :)

    Please tell me you're feeling better by now?!?! Otherwise, we may have to send you to the scientists to do some studies on your mucus.


  6. Just catching up...I hope that you are feeling better this week!