Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Urge To Purge

We have now set a target time for when we want to be out of standard living arrangements and living full time in an RV. Even though we don't know exactly how it's all going to come together, we felt it best to put something somewhat concrete out there to aim for. So what we are aiming for is December of 2012. Are current lease is up the end of this coming November. We think we will probably downsize further then by moving into a one bedroom apartment. It makes sense. It forces us to reduce our belongings even more, gets us used to an even smaller living space, and cuts down on our expenses which will allow us to accrue some much needed funds for purchasing a RV. So a year of that and then the ultimate downsizing into a RV!

Our current actions towards reaching our goal are doing lots of research on full time RVing, going to RV shows to check out actual rigs, and getting rid of as much stuff as we can. It's mostly all very exciting for us. As we pitch stuff I feel a great sense of relief. And it's funny how I now see the absurdity of the typical "American dream" which involves a LOT of "stuff ownership". Let's face it. Even if you have the means to purchase stuff, you are usually only happy with it for a short time. Then that stuff is no longer good enough. And you are now on a quest to purchase something even better. It is a never ending cycle that leads mostly to just being swallowed up by stuff. Occasionally a purchase will result in a lasting love affair with something that is truly useful & a joy to own. But weeding out the mediocre crap you really don't have to have and that does not bring something positive to your life results in feeling less buried by stuff. When I make a purchase now I ask myself how important it is to have this item. I'm purchasing a lot less! And I will admit that living a cash only lifestyle makes this much easier. When we gave up using credit cards our eyes were opened to how much we were purchasing that we simply should not have been. And while it scared us to not have that crutch to use, we found  it much easier than we would ever have thought.

This whole downsizing process has been a slowly evolving thing. The more we do it, the more we ask ourselves "okay what else can we live without?". And we always manage to surprise ourselves with the answer to that question. I would never have thought I could embrace a minimalist lifestyle. But I am getting there! After decades of focusing on having more this is a huge turn around. And it feels good so I'm running with it.    :)


  1. so my big question far will you 'downsize' the pet inventory??? THAT I believe will be the hardest part...

  2. To be honest....that is one of the biggest blocks we're facing right now. One of the dogs is a 14 yr old yellow lab. Odds are she won't be with us too much longer. That said, she's doing fine at the moment other than moving slower than she used to. The other dog is a quarrelsome 10 yr old toy fox terrier. He may have quite a few years left in him. And I absolutely refuse to go on the road with either of them because they are not "normal" dogs that enjoy traveling. Oh no....they make the experience a complete nightmare! lol What we're hoping is that the older one will reach her "time" before we are ready to go. As for the little may come down to sending him elsewhere I'm afraid. It's not something we want to do but on the other hand I don't think we're prepared to wait it out for his "time" to come since it could be many years. We also have the two cats and we're intending to take them with us.