Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Always An Apple

I'm a massage therapist. It's a great profession for me. I'm extremely comfortable touching human bodies (the living breathing ones anyway). There are all kinds of interesting things about what I do. One of those things is the exposure to such a wide variety of body types. This is a huge drawback to a lot of people. But I like it. So many people are icked out by anything "unusual". Although I would argue that it's probably not that unusual. It's just not what we are exposed to in the images we are bombarded with in the media. As someone with previous experience in the nudist lifestyle, I had a jump start on what to expect. Trust me, it's not just the "beautiful" people who enjoy being free. The media absolutely sucks at being realistic. And that is a dirty rotten shame. They could be using their power for good, like helping people to be more comfortable in their own skin. But instead they just amp up the self loathing for people who honestly are FINE just the way they are.

To take this to a more personal level I'll tell a little story. My home massage studio is a guest bedroom that has great big mirrored closet doors. So while I'm working I can watch myself. It's a little strange. I use an exercise ball as my stool when I am sitting down. So I look into the mirror and see this big ol' ball. And sitting on that ball is my roly poly body. My mid section is just like another big round ball on top of a big round ball. It kind of cracks me up. I could just get all depressed about that. But the thing is, I also see that same body doing some great work. I have some pretty sweet body mechanics going on. I am pleased to see that. I move well and give a nicely flowing massage. My body, the same one that doesn't meet with approval from the general population, is more than capable of doing a great many wonderful things. And then there's this. Even when I weighed a lot less, my shape was the exact same. Proportionally large mid section with stick arms and legs. That's just my shape. Apple. Sometimes I'm a large apple and sometimes I'm a smaller apple. But I'm still an apple. So my apple-ness is a part of me. I may as well embrace it.

I'm going to be brutally honest. Bodies that all look basically the same.....are BORING! Do you only want grapes in your fruit salad? Come know you want some pears and apples and strawberries and pineapples and melons in there too! Please....keep (and love) some of what makes you different. It makes you memorable and interesting. It gives the person seeing you something to notice, something to become fascinated with. Yes.... get healthy. But realize that part of being healthy is being accepting of yourself and that which makes you YOU. And don't hide yourself away from the world. Don't be afraid to have people take pictures of you. The more you hide; the less realistic of a picture we have of humanity. Be proud. Be visible. Be real. Show the world the truth.

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