Monday, June 6, 2011

Cool & Calm

Yesterday the air conditioning went out on my car. On the 1st over 100 degree day here in Tucson. Of course. But the good news is that I am not freaking out over this. Don't yet know what the problem is and frankly am just not even going to deal with it until we get back from our trip next month. Right now our funds are tied up in that trip. Our neighbor says she has a very good AC repair place that is very reasonably priced. Will take my baby there next month and find out what the damages are and deal with it then. Right now I only HAVE to drive my car twice a week for my short five minute commute to work. So I can survive that I am pretty sure. The rest of the time Karins' car will take us where ever we need to go in air conditioned style. I'm pretty darned proud of myself for not going all postal over this. It's just another blip on the radar, ya know what I mean?     :)

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