Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The End

My creepy admirer will not be harassing me any more. I am relieved. And annoyed that he became such an issue. The owners wanted my bosses to have a chat with me yesterday. This is what I found out:

~ The owners would have preferred that I had stopped the session. Even though I did NOT feel that was what they had led me to believe I should have done in this case. I felt they had been clear that I was only to stop the session if I felt a line had been crossed, not if I was only getting weird signals from the client and that limits were being tested. Sigh....

~ The big reason I think why they wished I had stopped things is that he has absolutely refused to see another therapist, even at a different location. Because of this they decided to refund him his membership fees which had been paid in full for the year. Had he just quietly agreed to see someone else, they would not have had to have "the" conversation with him about why I would not be available to see him and things would not have escalated to this point. Well how was I to know? I still think I did the right thing.

~ I was told that from here on out if I feel uncomfortable with a client at all, just end it. Okie dokie! I kind of wish I had that in writing. I can just hear them changing their tune.

~  One of the owners had a conversation with him in which he was furious at what was going on. At first he was telling them they needed to fire me! And then he changed his mind and told them that I had such a gift and needed to be able to continue my work. Then he got sad and said he was heartbroken because he thought we had such a spiritual connection. Oh my. It is bad enough that he had told me that. And then he shared that with one of the owners? And she felt sorry for him!

~ I could have lost my job if I had agreed to put the self-tanning lotion on him! I knew it was a bad idea but did not know it was something they would have taken to that extreme. I'm thinking maybe they should have a clear cut policy on that type of thing if that's how it would have gone down. Good grief.

So that concludes (hopefully) my most recent work related drama. I try so hard to keep fly under the radar there and mind my own business and just generally do my job without getting entangled in the politics of the place. So here's hoping I can just get back to that!

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  1. I am glad for you that this is done. I hope you don't not have to go thru that again with another client. I think you would also be wise to write something up for the owners that outlines that you have their permission to stop working on a client if you ever feel uncomfortable with a client. Maybe send them a letter stating the details of your conversation and ask them to acknowledge their receipt and agreement with it by signing it???