Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting It Off My Chest Because That's What Blogs Are For, Right?

Below is what I wanted to post on facebook. But I refrained from doing so because I knew it would piss off too many people. I can't believe how many people do this constantly. Drives me batty!

"You do realize that when you "like" that big corporate product such as Febreeze for example, you're doing nothing but giving that company free advertising, right? Are they so strapped for cash that they need charity from you, the consumer? Not likely! Don't be such sheep. Use that "like" feature with discretion, for things that that you really believe in and want to spread the word and they could use a helping hand to get off the ground. my non-branded soapbox. "

Aren't I considerate for not antagonizing my facebook friends?    :)


  1. These companies use gimmicks like supposedly giving free samples or coupons for people who "like" their page. Sheeple! Geesh.

  2. Yes you are, if you know many would be pissed off :)