Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Inspired by a friends's facebook posting........

There has been much said about the recent death of the singer Amy Winehouse. One of the things going around is why we are mourning the loss of a drug addled celebrity when there are the deaths of all those innocents in Norway that truly deserve our grief. And also what about the deaths of servicemen? Why don't we pay as much attention to them?

I will always mourn the loss of a talented artist. I truly believe that artists contribute at least as much if not more to the world than the military. There. I said it. I have nothing against those servicemen for sure. But I don't get why the military gets this free pass to our respect because of the JOB that they signed up for. I am not saying servicemen never do great things deserving of our respect and appreciation. And I feel deeply for the ones who signed up because of promises made to them by recruiters that failed to materialize. And the ones who felt they had no other options in life but to join up.

But this is the thing. I think it's been a very very long time since this country's freedom was actually  at jeopardy. So this business of "freedom isn't free" doesn't gel with reality. Once upon a time, sure! In recent history though our military is more about doing the governments dirty work than "protecting" us from any real threat to our freedom.

Back to the Norway massacre victims. Of course they deserve our attention. But the fact that Amy Winehouse's demise coincided with the massacre is not a good reason to just dismiss her death. Oh sorry Amy! If only you had picked a different week to die, then it would be okay for us to mourn your passing! Really? How compassionate is that? We lose our own humanity when we pick and choose whose life is worth more.

The fact that she likely did herself in with drugs/alcohol doesn't lessen the loss I feel either. In fact it probably intensifies it a bit. It's such a pointed example of how human even a "celebrity" still is. You can have vast talent, resources, acclaim and still fall into a bottomless pit of pain. It makes me appreciate my own life so very much.

So here's to you Amy! A great talent with a lot of style, grit and honesty. You left behind a very small body of work but it was GREAT work! Thanks for being yourself and sharing that with the world.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

We Might Never Go Home.......

We are at the halfway point of our trip, so while laundry is washing/drying thought I would take a few minutes and touch base here in blog land. We have traveled from Tucson, AZ all the way to Spokane, WA. We have seen so much on the way that I almost felt like I was experiencing sensory overload! It's just been fantastic. We are like two little kids in a candy store. We scream and giggle and gasp around every bend almost. Is there anything better than a winding, twisting road that has something new to amaze you every time you turn your head? Nope. That's just GOOD STUFF!

For the first four days it was just the two of us. Now that we are in Spokane we are with a lot of Karins' family for several days. We are here for the wedding of one of her cousins, which is tonight. We checked out the location which is a city golf club. The clubhouse sits on a bluff overlooking a canyon, where the golf course is. It's sooooo pretty. Karin's cousin works there. The wedding is going to be very casual, much to my relief. The older I get the less I enjoy fussiness. It's like I just don't have the patience for it anymore. I used to LOVE getting all dressed up and doing all the hair and makeup and accessories and just all of it. Now....not so much.  I like to look as good as I can, but with minimal effort and minimal discomfort and minimal expense. So yay for casual weddings!

We will be heading into northern Montana tomorrow afternoon. Us and Karins' immediate family are going to Glacier National Park. I've been there before with my ex and the kids. It's a gorgeous high mountain alpine setting. The main road across the park is still not completely free of snow. We've been watching updates on the progress of that. It is very unusual for the road to not be open all the way this late in the summer. We've got our fingers crossed that they will have it open by the time we arrive, or at least before we leave. We'll be camping in a cabin outside of the park at a lower elevation. It will be much warmer but still quite cold at night, especially for us desert dwellers.

We are taking a different route on the trip back home. Actually going to go through Vegas since Karins' brother hooked us up with a cool suite there. He has taken great care of us on this trip. Three of our nights lodging is being covered by him, and all at amazing places. The kind of places we would never have gone to on our own. He did the same thing for Karins' other brother as well. We are loving it!

Going to leave blog land now and get back to all the fun here. Adios amigos!