Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Inspired by a friends's facebook posting........

There has been much said about the recent death of the singer Amy Winehouse. One of the things going around is why we are mourning the loss of a drug addled celebrity when there are the deaths of all those innocents in Norway that truly deserve our grief. And also what about the deaths of servicemen? Why don't we pay as much attention to them?

I will always mourn the loss of a talented artist. I truly believe that artists contribute at least as much if not more to the world than the military. There. I said it. I have nothing against those servicemen for sure. But I don't get why the military gets this free pass to our respect because of the JOB that they signed up for. I am not saying servicemen never do great things deserving of our respect and appreciation. And I feel deeply for the ones who signed up because of promises made to them by recruiters that failed to materialize. And the ones who felt they had no other options in life but to join up.

But this is the thing. I think it's been a very very long time since this country's freedom was actually  at jeopardy. So this business of "freedom isn't free" doesn't gel with reality. Once upon a time, sure! In recent history though our military is more about doing the governments dirty work than "protecting" us from any real threat to our freedom.

Back to the Norway massacre victims. Of course they deserve our attention. But the fact that Amy Winehouse's demise coincided with the massacre is not a good reason to just dismiss her death. Oh sorry Amy! If only you had picked a different week to die, then it would be okay for us to mourn your passing! Really? How compassionate is that? We lose our own humanity when we pick and choose whose life is worth more.

The fact that she likely did herself in with drugs/alcohol doesn't lessen the loss I feel either. In fact it probably intensifies it a bit. It's such a pointed example of how human even a "celebrity" still is. You can have vast talent, resources, acclaim and still fall into a bottomless pit of pain. It makes me appreciate my own life so very much.

So here's to you Amy! A great talent with a lot of style, grit and honesty. You left behind a very small body of work but it was GREAT work! Thanks for being yourself and sharing that with the world.


  1. Props. I can appreciate this post.

  2. This is a beautiful tribute post!

    Also, I have to say that sadly I agree that these days "military is more about doing the government's dirty work" than anything else most of the time...