Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Busted Dreams, New Dreams

The other day a client asked me what I'd done with my days off lately. I answered that we'd been cleaning out some closets and getting rid of a bunch of stuff. It's an ongoing process as we attempt to seriously reduce our belongings to a very minimal amount.

He said "oh yeah, I call that cleaning out my busted dreams". I got what he was saying. However I think for me it represents more of a change of dreams rather than busted dreams. I have held on to a lot of things that at one time were very important to me and that I could not imagine wanting to let go of. But so much as changed. I care about other things now.

So while it's a lot of work to sort through it all and lug half of it to a donation center, I'm pretty excited to be doing it. It feels good.     :)


  1. Good woman. Clean away, enjoy the cleanse and then come visit Arvie so that I can do the same! :-)

  2. I know what you mean!! I definitely view it as a matter of change too. I mean we grow, we change... And some things just keep holding us down, so it's wiser to let go off them.