Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Like A Resurrection or Something!

I am brought back to life! I kid you not. After almost seven weeks absence I am back. Don't get too excited though. Not exactly ready to start pestering you on a daily basis. But there are signs of life.

We moved. Did I mention that? It was a killer. I don't want to ever do that again. Not like that anyway. I hurt myself physically. I drained myself mentally and emotionally. I wanted to go live in a cave. Except that that would require yet more moving! And my poor computer died. Not just got exhausted like me. DIED. So this is my inaugural post here on my brand new computer.

So like it's the holidays and all. I should have all sorts of Christmasy things to say. But I don't. You're lucky to be getting anything from me this year! We didn't send out a single card. We did not put up a tree. In fact we sold our tree. We have some pretty lights up outside. Does that redeem us?

We are getting ready to fly to Florida to spend the holidays with Karin's family. I'm pretty stoked. It's actually been way too cold here in Arizona. My bits are close to being frozen. I NEED WARMTH! Hoping by the time we get back here AZ is behaving itself.

I miss writing here. I still keep up with my daily writing for myself though. That's a good thing. But I promise once we get back I will do the right thing and breathe life back into this withering little blog.

Love, peace & joy to each and every one of you. Take time to treasure your loved ones. LOVE is more important than being right. Remember that.   :)