Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Look What I Made!

I signed up with Pinterest many months ago but have only become active there in the last month or so. For those that don't know, Pinterest is a website that allows you to create virtual bulletin boards where you "pin" websites that are of interest to you. For example, recipes to try is a popular thing to pin. You share your boards with others and they with you. In this way ideas are shared between large numbers of people.

I've been spending quite a bit of time there recently pinning all kinds of things. Mostly recipes and craft ideas. Now since it's been time consuming, I've promised myself I would do more than just pin all this stuff. I promised myself I would actually USE these ideas! And I've been doing pretty good. I've tried (successfully) several recipes.

Back in my stay-at-home-mom days I was quite the crafter. I did all kinds of things from sewing to crochet to embroidery and more. I've just really not done much at all since the kids left home over eight years ago. But the desire is there. And it's been getting stronger! So seeing all these cool crafts on Pinterest has really pushed me to the point where I'm determined to get crafting again. But honestly it's been so long for some things that I feel extremely rusty. Like almost frozen in fear that I won't know what to do anymore. This is especially true for crocheting. So I am selecting projects that are at an almost beginner level till I get my confidence back.

One area I had only barely gotten started on back in the day is jewelry making. But that is the one thing I am most drawn to now. So I have decided to really delve into that. Once again, beginner projects only. I've spent a lot of time scouring boards for just the right things to try. Yesterday I picked up the supplies for one of them and actually made it today! It was super easy and quick. I think it took less than an hour and I now have a bracelet I love. I want to make more of them and already figured out ways to make them turn out better.

This is a cotton wrapped leather & ball chain bracelet that double wraps and uses a hex nut for closure. Next time I will use a thicker leather cord and a smaller hex nut.

Nothing fancy, but still with a lot of fun detailing. I love unusual uses for things like the hex nut closure.  :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

And Now Introducing........

So much stuff to share, I scarcely know where to begin! I could go in chronological order but that would mean delaying what I'm most excited about. May as well get right to it then.  :)    My second grandchild, beautiful Brianna Marie, made her entrance into the world in the early hours of the morning today! Baby and Momma are doing well and hopefully getting at least a little rest. These are the pictures I have thus far.

It's killing me to not be able to be with them right now, getting to know my granddaughter! But we plan to drive to Indy in mid-March. This will give them time to settle into their new family for a bit. We will also be able to celebrate Kaleb's fourth birthday then. We have had to miss his birthdays up to now. So we have much to look forward to!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hopes & Dreams

Day four question (coming at you a day late) is what is something you hope to do in your life. Now there are a great many things I hope to do yet in my life. But I think the two biggest things on my radar right now are to write a book and for Karin and I to switch to full time RV living. I'm in no particular hurry in regards to the book. But making the RV dream come true is another matter. This is the thing that I have to really actively focus on. I have to have a lot of faith that the universe is going to work with us to bring it about.

We've been focusing on this for the past year and half. It's not one of my "passing fancies". It's a very real, very earnest desire for the both of us. Whenever I think about it I get that feeling that it's what is supposed to BE. I'll never forget how when I first brought up the idea to Karin (and I hadn't even been previously thinking about it...it just sort of popped into my head right at that moment), she didn't look at me like I'd lost my mind. She was silent for a moment and then pretty much agreed it was worth looking into. Which we immediately did. Voraciously. Began stalking all sorts of websites and blogs relating to that lifestyle. It's been our main focus ever since. All the big things we've done since then have been to try to put us in a position to make it happen. We've covered a lot of ground but still have one major hurdle. Money. Just enough to be able to purchase a suitable rig. We would love to be on the road a year from now. So universe....is this in the cards for us? Patiently waiting......      :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

No Really, It's Okay To Be Human

The question for day 3 is what is something that you need to forgive yourself for. I'm thinking hard about this and I can't really think of anything. I guess I don't view past mistakes as things to forgive myself for. They happened. They're over and done. I learned lessons. That's the whole point. This whole "forgiveness" thing is a lot of drama if you ask me.

 When you do something that has some type of negative result, you are left to live with those consequences. You have two choices. Sit around and wallow in guilt and remorse or pick yourself up and move forward with the new insight you now have into how things work. It's the same for when you are the wronged one (or perceive yourself as such). You can have a pity party and refuse to forgive the evil one because they did such a terrible thing to you. Or....you could cut the drama and realize that you just got schooled. You now see more clearly how imperfect we humans are.

Every single one of us does things that bring about pain in ourselves and in others. Some of us learn more quickly how to avoid that. Some of us spend most of our lives pretty clueless. If your expectations are for impeccable behavior from people, you are going to be in an almost constant state of expecting forgiveness. Too much drama for me. How about I just expect to make mistakes and expect those around me to make mistakes. And how about when that happens I  just acknowledge the humanity of it and deal with the aftermath as best as I know how and with as much grace as I am capable of at the time? No need to belittle myself by groveling. And no need to belittle another by putting them in the position of needing to grovel.

Friday, January 6, 2012

I Really DO Love Myself!

Today's question is what is something that you love about yourself. Well that is more like it! We should all be asking this question everyday. And answering with something different each day.   :)    I love that I'm open to new things, whether it be new foods, new ideas, new music, new ways to live, new experiences, new sensations, new friends, etc. I hear so many people freaking out over things they've never even tried. If you refuse to try it, how can you possibly know it's not for you? I've really surprised myself a lot over the years. Things that were utterly foreign to me and that I thought had no place in my life, actually transformed my life for the good because I said 'okay...I'll try it". Change is how we grow, how we come into our true selves. Not everything you try will be a good fit of course. And that's fine. You'll still be better for having stepped outside of that darned comfort zone I like to talk so much about.   :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's January. Let's Do This!

It's a new year. I've got a new computer. And I'm ready to get back to writing. Thought I'd copy a friend and answer a question a day for 30 days. It's a ready made list of questions. Not sure I'm in love with every single one of the questions so I wouldn't mind someone throwing out one for me if you feel like it. Then I'll have a replacement for the ones I don't like.   :)

First question is what is something you hate about yourself. Well. Let's just jump right in on a positive note, huh? ~smirk~   Thing is, I've been working mighty hard to NOT hate on myself. And doing pretty good if I do say so myself. And now I have to pick something anyway. Let's approach it like this. I'll think about things about myself that I find hard to love.  heeheehee  

Mostly I don't love the fact that I don't speak up for myself often enough. My preference for avoiding conflict leads me to put up with way too much. This has played itself out in most areas of my life but I feel it the most right now at work. It's so bizarre to me to see other people getting into all kinds of trouble because they don't know when to keep their mouths shut. Not that I want that problem, but sometimes it would be nice to not give a damn what anyone thinks and just say it! There is a balance to strike of course. But just stepping onto that middle ground is quite a step out of my own comfort zone.

I also don't love that my belly is waaaaaay fat and that my hair is skinny. But hey, thems the breaks. And the older I get the less I let it bother me.    :)