Monday, January 9, 2012

Hopes & Dreams

Day four question (coming at you a day late) is what is something you hope to do in your life. Now there are a great many things I hope to do yet in my life. But I think the two biggest things on my radar right now are to write a book and for Karin and I to switch to full time RV living. I'm in no particular hurry in regards to the book. But making the RV dream come true is another matter. This is the thing that I have to really actively focus on. I have to have a lot of faith that the universe is going to work with us to bring it about.

We've been focusing on this for the past year and half. It's not one of my "passing fancies". It's a very real, very earnest desire for the both of us. Whenever I think about it I get that feeling that it's what is supposed to BE. I'll never forget how when I first brought up the idea to Karin (and I hadn't even been previously thinking about just sort of popped into my head right at that moment), she didn't look at me like I'd lost my mind. She was silent for a moment and then pretty much agreed it was worth looking into. Which we immediately did. Voraciously. Began stalking all sorts of websites and blogs relating to that lifestyle. It's been our main focus ever since. All the big things we've done since then have been to try to put us in a position to make it happen. We've covered a lot of ground but still have one major hurdle. Money. Just enough to be able to purchase a suitable rig. We would love to be on the road a year from now. So this in the cards for us? Patiently waiting......      :)

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  1. We both can't wait to get together with you in Tucson. We'll be bringing our RV-living encouragement, which it sounds like you don't really need!