Friday, January 6, 2012

I Really DO Love Myself!

Today's question is what is something that you love about yourself. Well that is more like it! We should all be asking this question everyday. And answering with something different each day.   :)    I love that I'm open to new things, whether it be new foods, new ideas, new music, new ways to live, new experiences, new sensations, new friends, etc. I hear so many people freaking out over things they've never even tried. If you refuse to try it, how can you possibly know it's not for you? I've really surprised myself a lot over the years. Things that were utterly foreign to me and that I thought had no place in my life, actually transformed my life for the good because I said 'okay...I'll try it". Change is how we grow, how we come into our true selves. Not everything you try will be a good fit of course. And that's fine. You'll still be better for having stepped outside of that darned comfort zone I like to talk so much about.   :)

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