Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Look What I Made!

I signed up with Pinterest many months ago but have only become active there in the last month or so. For those that don't know, Pinterest is a website that allows you to create virtual bulletin boards where you "pin" websites that are of interest to you. For example, recipes to try is a popular thing to pin. You share your boards with others and they with you. In this way ideas are shared between large numbers of people.

I've been spending quite a bit of time there recently pinning all kinds of things. Mostly recipes and craft ideas. Now since it's been time consuming, I've promised myself I would do more than just pin all this stuff. I promised myself I would actually USE these ideas! And I've been doing pretty good. I've tried (successfully) several recipes.

Back in my stay-at-home-mom days I was quite the crafter. I did all kinds of things from sewing to crochet to embroidery and more. I've just really not done much at all since the kids left home over eight years ago. But the desire is there. And it's been getting stronger! So seeing all these cool crafts on Pinterest has really pushed me to the point where I'm determined to get crafting again. But honestly it's been so long for some things that I feel extremely rusty. Like almost frozen in fear that I won't know what to do anymore. This is especially true for crocheting. So I am selecting projects that are at an almost beginner level till I get my confidence back.

One area I had only barely gotten started on back in the day is jewelry making. But that is the one thing I am most drawn to now. So I have decided to really delve into that. Once again, beginner projects only. I've spent a lot of time scouring boards for just the right things to try. Yesterday I picked up the supplies for one of them and actually made it today! It was super easy and quick. I think it took less than an hour and I now have a bracelet I love. I want to make more of them and already figured out ways to make them turn out better.

This is a cotton wrapped leather & ball chain bracelet that double wraps and uses a hex nut for closure. Next time I will use a thicker leather cord and a smaller hex nut.

Nothing fancy, but still with a lot of fun detailing. I love unusual uses for things like the hex nut closure.  :)

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