Saturday, January 7, 2012

No Really, It's Okay To Be Human

The question for day 3 is what is something that you need to forgive yourself for. I'm thinking hard about this and I can't really think of anything. I guess I don't view past mistakes as things to forgive myself for. They happened. They're over and done. I learned lessons. That's the whole point. This whole "forgiveness" thing is a lot of drama if you ask me.

 When you do something that has some type of negative result, you are left to live with those consequences. You have two choices. Sit around and wallow in guilt and remorse or pick yourself up and move forward with the new insight you now have into how things work. It's the same for when you are the wronged one (or perceive yourself as such). You can have a pity party and refuse to forgive the evil one because they did such a terrible thing to you. could cut the drama and realize that you just got schooled. You now see more clearly how imperfect we humans are.

Every single one of us does things that bring about pain in ourselves and in others. Some of us learn more quickly how to avoid that. Some of us spend most of our lives pretty clueless. If your expectations are for impeccable behavior from people, you are going to be in an almost constant state of expecting forgiveness. Too much drama for me. How about I just expect to make mistakes and expect those around me to make mistakes. And how about when that happens I  just acknowledge the humanity of it and deal with the aftermath as best as I know how and with as much grace as I am capable of at the time? No need to belittle myself by groveling. And no need to belittle another by putting them in the position of needing to grovel.

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