Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back In January....

Since it's almost March (HELLO!), thought I'd finally post about some January stuff. The stuff other than my granddaughter being born anyway.   :)

We took a couple of days to go check out the big assed RV show out at Quartzsite being that we had never done that before. One simply MUST do this at some point if they are to be an official RV'er. Am I right???  We drove over in the morning with the thought to spend the afternoon at the show and then go back the next morning to finish up and then head back the second afternoon. The first part of that plan was kept. But that one afternoon there is all that we wanted. So the next day we changed our plans and drove down to Yuma and visited the Territorial Prison and afterword drove home from there. Turned out perfectly. Yay for being flexible!

Back to Quartzsite. Wow. What a huge sea of RV's! Have never seen anything like it before nor will I likely ever again. We first visited the big tent of vendors. I'd say at least half of the vendors were hawking stuff not all that closely related to RVs. That was kind of a let down. So it really didn't take much time to go through it. Then we hit the RV dealer lots. That's the fun part for us! We specifically wanted to see some of the smaller, older rigs. And we saw so many good ones that we felt had a lot to offer for our needs. It was reassuring. One of the things that amazes us is that even when we think we've seen it all as far as layouts/designs, we keep seeing things we haven't seen before. This pleases us greatly.   :)

The overall vibe of the show is part fair, part swap meet, part RV life. One long afternoon of that mix was enough for us frankly. I have no love of either fairs or swap meets. So we drove on to Blythe CA for our dinner & over-nighting. And in the morning we headed south.   :)   Here we are "pretending" at the show.



On to Yuma. Since we'd never been before and we were interested in seeing the Territorial Prison it made sense to just make that our return trip route. It turned out to be a really pretty drive down from Quartzsite. And Yuma was nothing like we had imagined it to be. I know I expected it to be really dusty and ugly. Where one gets ideas like this I have no idea. It couldn't have been further from the truth. Being that it hugs the Colorado River, Yuma actually has irrigation. It was freaking green!!! It's a very agricultural community with loads of farms that we drove by into town. We saw all kinds of lovely green leafy things growing in pretty rows. Happiness! Yup. 

And then there was the prison. No green stuff growing there but I in particular dug the cool little architectural details all over the place. Not a huge history buff so the museum was a bit of a yawner for me but there was still plenty to keep me amused. And it didn't hurt that it was a stunningly gorgeous day.  :)

Prepare now for an onslaught of pictures. I would love to incorporate a slideshow here but don't know how to do it? Anyway, I'll figure that out eventually. 


Oh yes she did!!!

Need a trim???

Taken from deep within the "dark cell". Karin looks like a ghostly apparition.  :)

Row of cells. Love these metal doors!

Me on the good side of a cell door.

The following week we had a very different RV encounter. Full time RV'ers Ayo & Yair of spent a week or so in Tucson and we hooked up with them for a day. They graciously gave us the grand tour of their rig and gave us loads of tips and insight on the realities of RV living. We really appreciated that! Then it was on to lunch at a local favorite and then time to go play in the desert. Ever get the chance to meet these two, do! They are super friendly, super sweet and just good good people. 

Ayo, Yair & myself

Yair & Karin

Ayo waving hello. 

Saguaros always fascinate.

I never get tired of them.    :)



  1. Whoo! Meeting you was wonderful!

  2. We arrived sometime in January, too, but we stayed far, far off the path out on Plomosa Road. We mostly saw saguaros and sunsets.

    Eerie prison. We'll have to check that out.

    The Good Luck Duck