Friday, February 17, 2012

Not a Professional Blogger

So how many times am I allowed to start off a post with "I've been a bad blogger" before it gets really annoying?  I may need to find a new approach. The goal is not to annoy. This much I know for sure. I will never be a daily blogger. Number one, it feels too much like a job if I put deadlines and such on myself. And number two, how many of us actually have something relevant to say to mostly strangers on a daily basis? Okay, a few people maybe but not this girl! I would bore you to tears. I even try to limit my facebook updates so I don't wear out my welcome.   :)   But I would actually love to show up here semi-regularly. Say maybe weekly? Or at least several times a month. Enough to keep me working on my writing that I inflict on other people.

I've been in hyper reading mode of late. I had three books going at the same time. I'm about halfway through Life by Keith Richards. It's a really BIG book. So big that I can't take it to bed to read at night. If I did I would risk hurting myself if I should happen to fall asleep while reading. Trust me, I am all too familiar with being hit in the face with a falling book while reading in bed. But it is a really enjoyable read!

So for my bedtime reading I've been reading the Hunger Games series on my Kindle. Yup. A nice light weight Kindle! How awesome are those things? I have a ridiculously large number of books stored all one terrifically light little tablet. My face is safe. You might ask why I don't just get the Keith Richards book on my Kindle. Because the library has the hardcover for FREE. Duh. I am having a hard time bringing myself to pay for books I can get for free otherwise. Only reason I have the Hunger Games series on my Kindle is because my dear friend gifted me her older kindle already loaded with those books and many many more.

And then the third book is Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It by Gary Taubes. I won't give the ending away. I'll just say that the book is amazing in it's dedication to presenting the actual facts based solely on science. Boggles the mind how much BS the medical community has tossed out there as fact without anything to actually back it up. And because they are the supposed "authorities" we buy into it even when we can clearly see it doesn't work. You can bet your sweet patooty I will be working to change my eating habits to better align with how our bodies actually function in regards to what we do and do not eat. It won't be easy. At least not at first. And my biggest obstacle may be getting my sweetie on board with this. Ohhhhhh, she's NOT going to like it one teeny tiny little bit. But as a diabetic it will most assuredly be in her best interest. And I LOVES her so very much!    :)


  1. Glad you're enjoying the Kindle! Are you still hooked to our account or did you switch to your own? If you're still on ours, there are a ton more books now that you can download.

  2. I had some similar epiphanies while reading Fat Girl's Guide to Life. I just thought it would be a quick, throwaway read, but it left an impression. When dieting makes SO many people SO much money, why would we not be sold a bill of goods with every package of "diet" cookies? Why would anyone tell us that another "diet" will not make us healthy or thin.

    The Good Luck Duck