Sunday, April 8, 2012

No Raves Here, Just Rants

I solemnly swear to never be a condescending blogger. How I live is NOT above however you may choose to live. How you live is NOT lame just because you don't have the DEEP insight to have figured out the ONE & ONLY PERFECT way to live.

As long as I have the freedom to choose the lifestyle that suits me, you are free to do the complete opposite for all I care. REALLY. I don't need to sit around and blog about how stupid your life is.

Sorry. But tired of people who have supposedly figured it all out, enjoy visiting a "charming" town (enough to make it an annual stay) but at the same time can't stop themselves from knocking the local townsfolk for being different from them. SERIOUSLY??? Just cause it ain't your thing doesn't make it the end of the world.

I suppose a person like that really is better off being in the boonies.I hope I never reach the point where way far away from everyone else is the only place that truly suits me.


  1. Replies
    1. Nothing involving us thankfully. I stumbled across a couple of blogs though which just set me off. I found them to be very judgmental about the people living in the very towns that they love to spend time in. Sort of like "how dare you be artsy hippies who would rather lose out on income for the town instead of tearing up even more land in order to have more IDIOTS". Has it not occurred to them that the very thing that gives the town the charm that they enjoy comes placing a higher value on something other than money. And how strange it all seems coming from people who live very minimally themselves.

      I just really hope that as we explore communities across the country we don't feel the need to put down the very people who are responsible for giving us the local flavor that we enjoy. We don't have to adopt the communities mindset as our own, but I do think we need to respect it. In other words don't be an "ugly American" or in this case an "ugly full timer".

  2. Now I'm checking msyelf...did I do that? It doesn't sound like me. I'd be the one looking for more artsy hippies. And complaining about tearing up more land. :D

    1. You??? Oh my goodness NO! I won't say who cause I'm really not wanting to stir anything up (it's true...just need to vent). It's not even anyone I follow. Just a blog I stumbled across the one time. Good bet I won't be heading back there anytime soon. :)