Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Dream Begins To Take Real Form...

It's a really good thing we took that driving class last week. Cause guess what??? We bought our very first RV today!!!!!!!!!!! I know, that was a whole lot of exclamation points there .But after almost two years of dreaming, planning and pleading with the universe, we are finally feeling that this most definitely will be happening. So yeah, bring on the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What we got: a 34 ft 1994 Fleetwood Bounder. She has typical 1990's decor but it's in good condition so we will forgive her for being dated. The exterior is fading but is not bashed in anywhere. The mechanics appear to be functioning very well. When the owner powered her up I didn't even realize he'd done that. It was that quiet. And the generator was surprisingly quiet as well. From what we can tell she's been very well taken care of and came with a very well organized binder of manuals and records.

This model has no slides but is overflowing with storage. We are positively giddy! And it has the biggest shower/tub that we've ever seen in an RV. And we've looked at so many of them. Seriously. Some of the showers we've seen have made me want to cry at how tiny they are. And the same for the toilet rooms. While it's true we are both losing weight, I don't think we're going to be svelte anytime soon. So that extra space is going to be quite the luxury.

We plan to take her out next week for an overnighter to a local state park so we can get properly acquainted with her. And from there we will probably take her out for short trips through the week as often as we can so that by the time we're ready to go full-time (December) we'll be pretty comfortable and not acting all newbie stupid.   :)

Eventually we will do some interior updating; replace the flooring with wood laminate, paint over fugly wallpaper, put up new window coverings, swap out the brass everywhere with something more to our liking and cover up that upholstery. But for right now she is perfectly livable. There is some plastic trim throughout that is cracked and coming off. That we will deal with sooner than later. It's the biggest eyesore in the rig but looks like an easy fix.   :)   We'll have a lot of fun making it our own. We've always loved nesting!

Since pictures say a thousand words, I'll quit writing now and get on to the picture show!

In the picture with the bed you can see the trim on the nightstands that is all broken. There is more of that trim throughout that is the same way. Fixing that up will be our first task. Fun!  

We're pretty stoked to just be able to say that we're RV owners and will (soon) be hitting the road as full-timers. Nothing like watching a crazy plan you hatched come to life.    :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Drivers Ed

Prep work for our full-time RVing goal continues. Yesterday we went to Lazydays here in Tucson and took their driver confidence course. It was a great introduction into driving a rig, which is something neither of us really has any experience with. Really glad we did this! Kind of boggles my mind how anyone could do a decent job starting out without learning the tricks they taught us.

 Karin was super excited about the course while I was pretty terrified. I felt VERY intimidated going into it, especially when I saw the size of the RV they had for us to learn on. It was a 40 footer, which is considerably larger than what we plan to purchase. But nonetheless I was determined to do this. Even though Karin is typically the one driving whenever we go places together, I think it's unwise to rely on just one driver. I want to be able to drive whenever the need arises and be completely comfortable doing so.

 Karin volunteered to go first in our group. I waited until about halfway through. Everyone in the group did great. Over half of us were women. :) It was amazing to me how easy it was to concentrate only on the rules we were given and not even think about the enormous length sitting behind me. that just sounds hilarious to me when I read back what I just wrote!

 Karin got some video of me making my first turn. I was too freaked out to even think of capturing her moment of glory.

I was really quite proud of myself afterwards! And here are our certificates.