Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is It Fall Yet????

It's officially summer! Which means it has FELT like summer for over a month now here in Tucson. It's getting serious now with highs well over a hundred. I do okay in the heat for the most part. But I won't lie. I'm not sad about this being our last Tucson summer. Okay maybe a little cause the monsoons really are very awesome! But when the AC in your car is kaput (and you refuse to spend the money to fix it because you need that money to put into the RV you just bought), and you have so much you want to do to/with the RV but the heat is making all that most unpleasant....well....I'm just kind of over it.

We're even dragging our heels on getting the work done on the RV. We went out and bought quite a bit of the stuff our mechanic needs for the RV. But with the heat and the difficulty of finding a shady spot for him to do the work we may just put it off. It's not like we really care to camp locally in this weather. And until the work is done we won't take it too far. So.....time to just kick back in the pool I think.

We have secured a camping spot for our very first destination once we go full time. We plan to spend two months close to Karin's parents who winter in Brooksville, Florida. We will head out of here a week or so into December. While down there we intend to utilize her parents DIY skills to help us update the RV'S interior. Main projects will be new flooring, new window coverings, painting the walls, painting all that brass hardware, covering the upholstery and fixing all the broken trim. I'm excited about the renovations. Waaaay more fun than the mechanical stuff.   :)

We've both had the goal of working on feeling healthier and losing weight before taking off. And so far our efforts have been productive. I've had to spend time with needle and thread taking in the waistbands on our clothes. Very happy about that. And we are both experiencing a better sense of well being. An extra benefit to our new way of eating is that we have much less need for pantry space. This will come in really handy in the RV! Though I am sorta concerned about the fridge/freezer space. Guess we will be shopping frequently, in smaller amounts for all that produce.

Other than that all is humming along nicely. I'm enjoying the remaining time I have with my clients. I will miss some of them a lot! And don't even get me going on our friends here. Must remind myself we will be back to Tucson for an extended stay yearly...this is home to us. It's not going to be goodbye....just see you later!    :)