Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's Good To Be Me

I'm feeling very thankful today. I'm sorry in a way that it is someone else's suffering that has put me in a position to feel so darned happy about my own circumstances. But this is how we often see clearly just how good we have it, is it not? It's good to have our eyes opened to the truth. But to be honest it would be even better to see it clearly WITHOUT needing to compare our blessings to someone else's troubles. The truth is that I should be taking the time to thank the gods, the universe, whoever for all that is good in my life on a daily basis.

It's amazing how when you don't take the time to think about the good, all you manage to see is the bad. And then you get drug down into a pit of misery and fear. And that stuff is magnified way out of proportion in you head, just like with a fun house mirror. All because you forgot to see the really good stuff going on. 

I used to belong to a website that allowed you to share your blessings with others on the site. Or you could keep it private if you wished. You could even have the site share with facebook. The point was to make a habit of expressing gratitude. Somewhere along the line the website quit working right. I think it is now defunct. Sad face.   :(

But do I really need a website to help me with that? Am I not capable myself of just putting it out there? I can do it. I need to do it. Today in my journal I wrote in length about how thankful I am for so many things in my life. That's a start. I think it's good to let it be known out loud too. I believe words are powerful. And I believe in living by example. So here I am world, grateful as all get-out to be alive, healthy, in a solid loving relationship, working towards a dream and enjoying(mostly) the process with my sense of humor still intact.    :)


  1. It is said that gratitude draws more of the same good things. Or, maybe it's its own reward. Glad you're seeing the great.

    Is there something specific going on that you can share?

    1. We have a friend (someone we see infrequently)who recently shattered her foot. We went to sit with her awhile since she can do very little for herself at the moment. As bad as that may be, we found out that was the least of her troubles (facebook just doesn't paint the whole picture, ya know?). Pretty much her whole life is a pit of stress. And it just really hit us both hard with how fortunate we are to have relatively low stress lives.

      You know part of it is luck I guess, but I think a large part of it is the choices we've made and the stress handling skills we've learned. Neither of us is the type of person to enjoy a lot of personal drama. You know those people who seem to just draw drama to them? Not us! And when stuff does show up, as it does with everyone, we no longer completely flip out. We've learned to stop, take a breath and look at the situation as rationally as we can. Not always easy, but we work on that skill and it does get easier over time. :)

      I'm thinking that by actively working to maintain calm we end up attracting a whole lot less grief. And we can even sit and listen to someone else's woes without being personally drawn into it. And hopefully our level headed response is somewhat calming to them. I don't know. But it's not like you can fix other peoples stuff anyway.

      So that's it in a nutshell. Just glad for our simple lives and how far we've both come. :)

    2. Oh man, do I know the drama lamas. I had that in my life for a while, and Annie and I are so lucky to both want to avoid it. It's so great not to have your partner flip out over every little thing, or even every big thing.

  2. It is good for you to be you! So come and be you in Wyoming or in Austin this fall... :-)