Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stay Tuned....

Hello my tiny tunas! We are at seven weeks and counting to departure date. Am currently working on setting up a brand new blog that my partner and I will share to record our adventures on the road. I will keep this blog for non-travel related writing (yeah right, huh?).

Very excited, very nervous, very stressed out but maintaining our sense of humor. Can't expect too much more than that. Been scurrying around trying to get the stuff done to the RV that absolutely must be done before taking off. Doing well on selling off our stuff that we won't be taking with us. In fact we are now a one car family! Sold my car already. Sad face.  :(  We plan to sell Karin's car as well before we leave. Will be looking for a car that we can tow flat rather than on a dolly. If we can't get that accomplished before leaving, we will just go car-less till we get to Florida. In a way would make more sense since we will have to switch plates to Florida anyway.

We are both having a lot of mixed emotions about leaving which is perfectly natural I imagine. We love Tucson so much and our very good friends here. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we aren't leaving forever; we can come back whenever we choose. But this is just an amazing opportunity that we have been working towards for over two years. And we would kick ourselves if we didn't go for it. I'm very proud of us for our commitment to this even though it's not been an easy thing to pull off and is very much outside of our comfort zone to do. We have chosen to take life by the horns and make it what we want.  :)

Should have a link to the new blog up soon; so stay tuned!!!


  1. Don't leave!!! Waaaaah!!! *sniffle*

  2. WHOOOO! We know just how painful it is to leave friends, but we imagined how much it would hurt to stay.

  3. Lori- Was so fabulous seeing you two tonight. I don't even want to think about the sniffles that will come when we pull outta here. I think I have some kind of weird ass fear of something happening to prevent us from getting back to Tucson. Nooooooooo!!!!

    Lucky Ducky (you know who you are)- Yes, it would hurt to stay because if we stayed we would miss out on all this other stuff like seeing the grandkids often enough for them to remember us. And that's what gives us the added resolve to do it. So thankful for all the support we get from you and others already living this wacky lifestyle!

  4. SO excited for you ladies!! When do you come through Austin? Where are you headed in Florida?