Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Blog Alert!

Just as I promised, the new blog documenting our venture into the world of noamdic living in a RV is HERE!

If you intend to follow us on the road, that is the blog to follow. I'll still have this blog for more personal writing and of course you are welcome to continue reading here as well. I'm really excited about the new blog though and really hope you all will follow that.   :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stay Tuned....

Hello my tiny tunas! We are at seven weeks and counting to departure date. Am currently working on setting up a brand new blog that my partner and I will share to record our adventures on the road. I will keep this blog for non-travel related writing (yeah right, huh?).

Very excited, very nervous, very stressed out but maintaining our sense of humor. Can't expect too much more than that. Been scurrying around trying to get the stuff done to the RV that absolutely must be done before taking off. Doing well on selling off our stuff that we won't be taking with us. In fact we are now a one car family! Sold my car already. Sad face.  :(  We plan to sell Karin's car as well before we leave. Will be looking for a car that we can tow flat rather than on a dolly. If we can't get that accomplished before leaving, we will just go car-less till we get to Florida. In a way would make more sense since we will have to switch plates to Florida anyway.

We are both having a lot of mixed emotions about leaving which is perfectly natural I imagine. We love Tucson so much and our very good friends here. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we aren't leaving forever; we can come back whenever we choose. But this is just an amazing opportunity that we have been working towards for over two years. And we would kick ourselves if we didn't go for it. I'm very proud of us for our commitment to this even though it's not been an easy thing to pull off and is very much outside of our comfort zone to do. We have chosen to take life by the horns and make it what we want.  :)

Should have a link to the new blog up soon; so stay tuned!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh Serendipity....

So check out this screen shot from my facebook news feed this morning. Anything look familiar??? Like possibly the text right above the picture? Eerily reminiscent of the title of my blog perhaps? Hmmmm...

It kind of freaked me out a little. In a very good way though. I started this blog back in May of 2008. So over four years ago is when I came up with the title. And believe it or not, I'm not accusing GoRVing of stealing anything. Because more than likely we found inspiration from the same source. Or hey it could have been them that came up with it years ago!

Almost nine years ago I was getting counseling while going through a divorce. Part of that included a womens' group meeting where we did various activities, one of which was to go through old magazines and cut out pictures or words that showed what we wanted our future lives to look like and make a collage out of them. One of the things that caught my eye was an advertisement for an RVing organization. The picture was taken inside a motor home but looking out the big picture window onto a to-die-for gorgeous setting. The tagline was "Goosebumps, tingly sensations and butterflies....". Yep. That was exactly how I wanted my future life to feel like! And in strange but true fashion, not only is that feeling what I'm trying to capture, but the RV lifestyle has become our means to that end, though that vision didn't enter our heads until just two years ago. Perfection, huh? 

And just to reinforce how much this sentiment meant to me, I also had it tattooed on  my body about seven years ago. I'm telling put it out there enough and the universe WILL conspire to make it happen! It's not precisely how I saw it all those years ago but it has taken shape in ways I would not have even have dreamed of on my own. I like that. A lot.   :)   Take a gander at my tattoo.

I'm a believer folks. Your life unfolds as it should when you follow your heart.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's Good To Be Me

I'm feeling very thankful today. I'm sorry in a way that it is someone else's suffering that has put me in a position to feel so darned happy about my own circumstances. But this is how we often see clearly just how good we have it, is it not? It's good to have our eyes opened to the truth. But to be honest it would be even better to see it clearly WITHOUT needing to compare our blessings to someone else's troubles. The truth is that I should be taking the time to thank the gods, the universe, whoever for all that is good in my life on a daily basis.

It's amazing how when you don't take the time to think about the good, all you manage to see is the bad. And then you get drug down into a pit of misery and fear. And that stuff is magnified way out of proportion in you head, just like with a fun house mirror. All because you forgot to see the really good stuff going on. 

I used to belong to a website that allowed you to share your blessings with others on the site. Or you could keep it private if you wished. You could even have the site share with facebook. The point was to make a habit of expressing gratitude. Somewhere along the line the website quit working right. I think it is now defunct. Sad face.   :(

But do I really need a website to help me with that? Am I not capable myself of just putting it out there? I can do it. I need to do it. Today in my journal I wrote in length about how thankful I am for so many things in my life. That's a start. I think it's good to let it be known out loud too. I believe words are powerful. And I believe in living by example. So here I am world, grateful as all get-out to be alive, healthy, in a solid loving relationship, working towards a dream and enjoying(mostly) the process with my sense of humor still intact.    :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is It Fall Yet????

It's officially summer! Which means it has FELT like summer for over a month now here in Tucson. It's getting serious now with highs well over a hundred. I do okay in the heat for the most part. But I won't lie. I'm not sad about this being our last Tucson summer. Okay maybe a little cause the monsoons really are very awesome! But when the AC in your car is kaput (and you refuse to spend the money to fix it because you need that money to put into the RV you just bought), and you have so much you want to do to/with the RV but the heat is making all that most unpleasant....well....I'm just kind of over it.

We're even dragging our heels on getting the work done on the RV. We went out and bought quite a bit of the stuff our mechanic needs for the RV. But with the heat and the difficulty of finding a shady spot for him to do the work we may just put it off. It's not like we really care to camp locally in this weather. And until the work is done we won't take it too far. So.....time to just kick back in the pool I think.

We have secured a camping spot for our very first destination once we go full time. We plan to spend two months close to Karin's parents who winter in Brooksville, Florida. We will head out of here a week or so into December. While down there we intend to utilize her parents DIY skills to help us update the RV'S interior. Main projects will be new flooring, new window coverings, painting the walls, painting all that brass hardware, covering the upholstery and fixing all the broken trim. I'm excited about the renovations. Waaaay more fun than the mechanical stuff.   :)

We've both had the goal of working on feeling healthier and losing weight before taking off. And so far our efforts have been productive. I've had to spend time with needle and thread taking in the waistbands on our clothes. Very happy about that. And we are both experiencing a better sense of well being. An extra benefit to our new way of eating is that we have much less need for pantry space. This will come in really handy in the RV! Though I am sorta concerned about the fridge/freezer space. Guess we will be shopping frequently, in smaller amounts for all that produce.

Other than that all is humming along nicely. I'm enjoying the remaining time I have with my clients. I will miss some of them a lot! And don't even get me going on our friends here. Must remind myself we will be back to Tucson for an extended stay yearly...this is home to us. It's not going to be goodbye....just see you later!    :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Dream Begins To Take Real Form...

It's a really good thing we took that driving class last week. Cause guess what??? We bought our very first RV today!!!!!!!!!!! I know, that was a whole lot of exclamation points there .But after almost two years of dreaming, planning and pleading with the universe, we are finally feeling that this most definitely will be happening. So yeah, bring on the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What we got: a 34 ft 1994 Fleetwood Bounder. She has typical 1990's decor but it's in good condition so we will forgive her for being dated. The exterior is fading but is not bashed in anywhere. The mechanics appear to be functioning very well. When the owner powered her up I didn't even realize he'd done that. It was that quiet. And the generator was surprisingly quiet as well. From what we can tell she's been very well taken care of and came with a very well organized binder of manuals and records.

This model has no slides but is overflowing with storage. We are positively giddy! And it has the biggest shower/tub that we've ever seen in an RV. And we've looked at so many of them. Seriously. Some of the showers we've seen have made me want to cry at how tiny they are. And the same for the toilet rooms. While it's true we are both losing weight, I don't think we're going to be svelte anytime soon. So that extra space is going to be quite the luxury.

We plan to take her out next week for an overnighter to a local state park so we can get properly acquainted with her. And from there we will probably take her out for short trips through the week as often as we can so that by the time we're ready to go full-time (December) we'll be pretty comfortable and not acting all newbie stupid.   :)

Eventually we will do some interior updating; replace the flooring with wood laminate, paint over fugly wallpaper, put up new window coverings, swap out the brass everywhere with something more to our liking and cover up that upholstery. But for right now she is perfectly livable. There is some plastic trim throughout that is cracked and coming off. That we will deal with sooner than later. It's the biggest eyesore in the rig but looks like an easy fix.   :)   We'll have a lot of fun making it our own. We've always loved nesting!

Since pictures say a thousand words, I'll quit writing now and get on to the picture show!

In the picture with the bed you can see the trim on the nightstands that is all broken. There is more of that trim throughout that is the same way. Fixing that up will be our first task. Fun!  

We're pretty stoked to just be able to say that we're RV owners and will (soon) be hitting the road as full-timers. Nothing like watching a crazy plan you hatched come to life.    :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Drivers Ed

Prep work for our full-time RVing goal continues. Yesterday we went to Lazydays here in Tucson and took their driver confidence course. It was a great introduction into driving a rig, which is something neither of us really has any experience with. Really glad we did this! Kind of boggles my mind how anyone could do a decent job starting out without learning the tricks they taught us.

 Karin was super excited about the course while I was pretty terrified. I felt VERY intimidated going into it, especially when I saw the size of the RV they had for us to learn on. It was a 40 footer, which is considerably larger than what we plan to purchase. But nonetheless I was determined to do this. Even though Karin is typically the one driving whenever we go places together, I think it's unwise to rely on just one driver. I want to be able to drive whenever the need arises and be completely comfortable doing so.

 Karin volunteered to go first in our group. I waited until about halfway through. Everyone in the group did great. Over half of us were women. :) It was amazing to me how easy it was to concentrate only on the rules we were given and not even think about the enormous length sitting behind me. that just sounds hilarious to me when I read back what I just wrote!

 Karin got some video of me making my first turn. I was too freaked out to even think of capturing her moment of glory.

I was really quite proud of myself afterwards! And here are our certificates.